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Tell Him

Tell him. Go on, tell him that you no longer desire to be

a punching bag for his insecurities, a reinforcement

of his manhood. Tell him that you will eat his soul

if he dares lay his hands on you once more and you

will spit it back on the ground it came from. He is not

the God you pray to at church so why make him the

God you kneel to at midnight if he shows you no mercy?

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, so my darling

why have you let him paint your pupils with sorrow when you

know deep down that you carry fire inside of you. Not the

type of fire that burns bones into ashes but the type of fire

that sets a dark room alight. You are not the daughter of

Poseidon so stop letting him fill your eyes with water, you’ve

got angels wanting to guard them and they never really liked

the sea…

The next time he calls you fat, tell him that you ate so much

love as a child so that in case you mistakenly managed to swallow

a word of hate one day your body would reject it. The next time he

calls you ugly, tell him that’s the exact reason why the devil decided

to inhabit him and not you. The next time he tells you that you’ve

offended him, laugh. Laugh like all your bones are funny bones

and yell “FUCK YOU” then turn around and dance your way out of

that room. Let him stare at your body with anger in his eyes and

regret in his belly, your body which he so adored and explored in

private but abhorred and ignored in public, girl you need to apologise

to God because you just let that little boy disrespect one of His
favourite paintings.

He is no man, I know. My mother taught me that men are meant to

support the woman by their side and my father told me that men

have to be willing to sacrifice… That boy is not ready to sacrifice

his sense of entitlement for your smile.

My darling, you are red rose petals on white linen sheets, an image

of passion, so shine, like your soul is a constellation of stars.

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